A Majestic move

Majestic Snow Removal

We at Majestic take snow plowing and ice control very seriously. Listed below are the services that we offer to help you maintain your drives and sidewalks. 

Snow Plowing

With A large fleet of plowing equipment Majestic is able to service lots of all sizes. We also have 20' pushers that can be added for larger lots and rubber blades for more sensitive surfaces, like parking structure roofs.

Snow Removal

When snow banks grow to be too large, or take up needed parking spaces; Majestic can come in and remove the banks and relocate them offsite.


Sanding adds traction to slippery roadways during winter conditions and makes it easier for cars to travel and remain in control. The sand/salt mix used on lots and roadways aids in eroding the ice build up that can happen during strong storms. Sanding can also be done without the salt mixture as required in some areas.


Clearing of pedestrian walkways is also a big concern for many customers. Majestic uses a bobcat with a brush to clean sidewalks. We also have strong crews of shovelers who can clear short walkways to the exact specifications of a customer's request.

Ice Melt

After shoveling, Ice-Melt can be applied to pedestrian walkways. This feature adds traction in slippery conditions as well as aiding in the eroding of ice and snow build up.

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