A Majestic yard

Majestic Landscape Co., LLC

We are a family owned business. We have been doing landscaping for over twenty years. We have a passion for landscaping and lawn care. Our employees are our biggest asset, and therefore, we consider them to be part of our family. 

If it's not Majestic, why bother?

Our motto describes how we view our commitment to excellence. We take great pride in what we do. Our employees also share the same desire and promise to make sure that your landscaping needs meet or exceed your expectations, with the latter being the result that we always strive for.

A full service company

Majestic Landscape is a full service company. From landscape design to installations, to complete maintenance, retaining walls, redesigning walks and driveways, to ice and snow control, we can do it all! If you have questions about planting or trimming bushes or trees, we also have two ISA-Certified Arborists working for us who can answer your concerns. We try to use state of the art equipment whenever possible to ensure that your landscape looks it very best!  All of our technicians are fully trained in the use of the equipment that they use.

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