Daniel the Painter's Experience

I have over 30 years of experience in painting. I have worked for other painting compainies, have done sub-contracting for part of the time, and ocassionally work on my own depending on the time of the year.

When I lived in California, I worked as a Union Painter, working my way up through a four year Apprenticehsip to become a Journeyman Painter. I learned a lot in those years of my apprenticeship, which I still apply to my painting today.

Oil vs. latex primers

Latex primer is preferred for most interior surfaces because it is easier to apply, less messy and lacks the offensive odor that emanates from oil-based paints. In addition, latex primer offers greater compatibility with interior paints. However, there are certain surfaces around the home that will reject latex primers. In these cases, oil-based primers are not only the preferred base coating; they are the only suitable option.

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